Fancy effects? Sure, we do that. Quick, edgy music video style cutting? Absolutely – When it is the most effective way to tell your story.

“9 Mile Production worked with us to create a series of videos that were delivered on time and on budget — and most importantly, on message. We never felt out of the loop.” – Richard Hodges, Principal, GreenIT, Chapter Vice President, IFMA-SF

You see, it’s not about us trying to impress or show how cool we are. It’s about you and your message. We get to know you, your needs, your goals. The idea is to take who you are and what’s working for you now, and use that as the starting point for your production. We want to create a video that works hand-in-hand with what you are already doing.

Our clients are very important to our process. We don’t just have a meeting, go away, then come back with a video and a bill. You are involved every step of the way.

“9 Mile Productions took the time to learn our needs, then convert those into a package of videos that helped us get our message out with style”
– Patty Moore, CEO Moore Recycling Associates, Inc.

In helping you achieve your goal, we achieve our goal.

“Working with Tim and the 9 mile team is an absolute pleasure. They managed to perfectly capture the mix of sheer professionalism and fun that we wanted for our wine release videos. They managed to put us all at ease and capture the exact right feel. Not an easy feat! ”
 Prema Behan, Chief Operating Officer, Three Sticks and Classic Wines

By the way we love effects and quick cutting, so if your story needs a bit of spice, we are in!